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  1. Hi Admin correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Shadowhunters S01 E03 not suposed to be out today?

  2. I looked back till page 14 on the 19th ofJan but no Dc’s legents of tomorrow S01E01 except the special

  3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S01E09 and the previous episode or two please Admin?

  4. When are you going to upload todays shows plus Crazy Ex-girlfriend?

  5. Just 2 Broke Girls S05E09; You me and the Apocalypse S01E01;The 100 S0302; Colony S01E03; Shades of Blue S01E04 Pleasezzzzeee

  6. Hello Admin, please I need the PC software “Autodesk Maya” with “Crack”, I’ll be sooo glad if you come thru!!

  7. Admin please remember about Colony S01e06 480p

  8. Are you still gonne upload Second chance S01E6 480p and Bitten of today 480p

  9. Admin sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Can you please give me the link to Shaddowhunters S01 E08?

  11. Hallo Admin Would you be so kind to upload Bitten S03E04 480p and Second Chance S01E08 480p

  12. Hi Admin, i have been using your site for almost a year already. thank you for your free downloads and services. i am a developer/designer. would you like to update your website? for free. not absolutely, maybe in exchange for an advertising spot for my services. hoping for your positive response.

  13. Sorry Admin, I’m having problems with kapersky antivirus serial key. Pls, put me through on the activation.

  14. Hey could you please upload for me ” Legend of the fist : the return of Chen Zhen “?
    I would really appreciate it ..

  15. Please upload Legents of tomorrow S01 E13 ? 🙂

  16. When is batman vs superman dawn of justice gonna be available?

  17. Admin please can you give me the links of Aquarius S02 E03 and E02 if its not uploaded when will it be?

  18. Hey when will wrecked and killjoys episodes will be out?

  19. Hey a frequent user of TFPDL but recently am unable 2 download movies am only able to download series can yu clarify this please!!!

  20. Hey Admin, I support your work but if you can add synchronized subtitles(asap) for each tv series episodes it would be great!!!

  21. Hi Admin what is the password for Avira.System.Speedup.v2.7.0.3165

  22. Frequency s01 e12 480p ; chicago pd S04e12 480p please admin?

  23. Seems like you stopped uploading to Userfiles? It was the only site that was working with JDownloader. Can you consider keeping it, or adding some more common sites like Uploaded, File Factory, or Rapidgator?

  24. Admin most of the download links for older series are not working error 404
    Can you upload again. Salem, Chicago fire, Shelock these are the ones I know of. I know it won’t be easy but pls if you can try and upload it. And thanks for wonderful support system. Best site ever keep it up

  25. Your korean movies have no english subtitles, how can we get them?

  26. please upload the AMAZING RACE EPISODE11, we are dying to what happens next… thanks guys

  27. hoping admin will catch up and do the last few weeks of deadliest catch! thanks!

  28. there is a problem with the “click here” download button since Friday 2 may when i click on it, instead of giving download links it opens a pop up window. Please help

  29. waiting for UFC Fight Night 111 and the latest Deadliest catch! Thanks for everything!

  30. any chance of a 480p encode of the netflix show that just came out in May called The Keepers. I found a 720p source but the files are pretty big – The.Keepers.S01E01-07.720p.WEBRip.x264-MOROSE . THANKS FOR ALL THE TIME AND EFFORTS PUT IN!

  31. i am experiencing problems whenever i try to download nay movie, i am being redirected to Adfly and once there i get stuck. Help

  32. hoping TFPDL will be doing all the shark week episodes!!!!! Pretty Please, LOL!!!

  33. just fyi game of thrones 480p x265 version —>
    title shows up as when downloaded –
    but shows up in vlc as game of thrones s07e01 when it should be s07e02
    ive not watched it but just assume its 7×02 but titled as 7×01 incorrectly

  34. Please admin I will like and be happy if u upload the following films:baby driver:transformer 2017:pirate of carribean2017:Spiderman 2017:the big sick:the house 2017

  35. One other thing dear at admin please can there other download link that is very good like 2giga and because apart from this download link the rest are not working. I will vw

  36. Hi admin will you please upload Street fight resurrection thanks

  37. missing american ripper 1×06 and doubt 1×13, thanks team TFPDL

  38. hello admin plz upload pirates of caribbean 5 …,thanks

  39. Hi. Please can you post the mayweather mcgregor fight in 480p and 720p small x264 as soon as possible? Will appreciate greatly! Thanks!

    • yeah that would be great, how about just the main fight of may vs mcg dont need all the undercards etc, or maybe 2 uploads one with all the fights and one with the main event only. ill check back after the fights in hopes its here small 480p for fast DL and watch before someone spoils the winner for me LOL

  40. could you upload all eyez on me the zip version named C1234WEa.rar am trying to resume my download thanks

  41. When is the Planets US S01 E02 and other getting out? please guys we want to know?

  42. Hi there! Love your site and appreciate the work you put in. I have donated via Bitcoin. I have never requested anything before, but can’t seem to find this show, and thought you could help. It’s called “The Norsemen” and it’s on Netflix right now. If you could get it on your site, I would appreciate it greatly!

  43. Please I have been looking for this medical software ”Vital Vitrea” can you upload it please…

  44. please Admin upload Spiderman ; Home Coming…

  45. hope TFPDL team is planning on doing Star Trek Discovery, hoping for 720p/480p x265!!!

    By the way whats the criteria to do x265, some shows are both x264 and lower sized x265 version. Why only some shows get both versions and some shows only x264?

  46. Admin will you please upload wolf warrior 2

  47. Admin please why can’t I download fifty shades darker?

  48. Admin please can you upload an Austrian movie called Siebzehn (Seventeen)? Would very much appreciate it if you could. Many thanks!

  49. Hi Admin Really wanna thank you for your generosity and please Am requesting for a movie called ”The Master ‘ By jet li dont knw if you can help me with dat ?

  50. admin there is some lighting and color issues on the Star Trek Discovery S01E01 480p WEB-DL x265 HEVC-TFPDL video. It happens at about 1 minute and 34 seconds till about 1 minute and 40 seconds and then again at about 9 minutes and 5 seconds. Not sure if it was a source issue or an encode issue. Wondering if there will another 480p x265 S01E01 proper?

  51. requesting Saturday Night Live 480p, hoping TFPDL will add it to the weekly list! Thanks!

  52. Hi admin, please load CorelDraw graphic suite 2017, thanks.

  53. Admin please can you upload Flatliners and Kingsmen 2 (The Golden Circle)….Thanks and I’ll really appreciate

  54. Hello admin,
    Could you kindly upload the godfather movie (the complete trilogy)? It’s an all time classic and I bet fans will love to download them. Thanks.

  55. Hi admin, please load the book “CorelDraw X8: The Official Guide, 12th Edition by Gary David Bouton”. Thank you.

  56. Your website is the best. But you need to improve your sever performance it is too slow

  57. Please upload back Arsenal 2017

  58. Hi admin, please load Mobimb mobile media browser, thanks.

  59. Hi Admin. Great site. Love the movies and multiple download links.

    Can I get the full season 1 of Dirk Gently’s Holistic detective Agency. The links are broken.

  60. first of all i wanna thank you for the good work u guys are doing,but just wanted to ask why your windows 10 OS downloads cant extract after downloading or am i the onli one facing this problem

  61. Hi Admin, Can you please upload 9JKL – S01E05, any episodes of Me, Myself and I Season 1, Todays episode of Once Upon a Time – S07E05, and yesterdays episode of The Good Place – S02E08

  62. May i know when the Legends of Tommorow X265 480p will be uploaded.waiting for it from morning….

  63. hoping peaky blinders 4×01 and season 6 of longmire will be done thanks admin

  64. Hi Admin

    Can you please upload copies of these movies without subtitles when possible.

    Brads Status, Geostorm, Happy Death Day, It and The Lego Ninjago Movie

    Thank You for all your work much appreciated

    P.S. I was also wondering why there was no openload link for The Flash S04E07 as some of the other links don’t work for me and the one I downloaded was missing about 20mins of the episode.

  65. Hi admin. this is my best site please can you up load Dracula Untold 2014 again as the links has expired…Thanks

  66. can you please upload this PC game for us ?? (tom clancy’s ghost recon wildlands)

  67. Waiting for Jumanji and Thor Ragnarok.. thanks in advance

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